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Stay Ahead of the Curve with the Inspiration Boosters


Your ultimate guide to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Each edition is a curated collection of real-life success stories, highlighting the latest trends and innovations from around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned beauty professional or just starting out, these books are jam-packed with actionable insights and practical tips to help you make informed decisions and unlock your full potential.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

As a beauty professional, it's important to stay on top of emerging trends and innovations. With the Inspiration Boosters, you'll gain valuable insights on the latest products, retail concepts, customer experiences, and digital innovations that are shaping the industry.

Make informed decisions

With detailed analyses of each brand, concept or product, the Inspiration Boosters provide a wealth of information to help you make more informed decisions about your business. You'll learn about packaging, retail and digital campaigns, among other topics, to help you improve your products and services.

Boost your creativity

Reading the Inspiration Boosters is not only informative, it's also inspiring. You'll discover new ideas and concepts that you can adapt and apply to your own business, allowing you to tap into your own creativity and bring new energy to your work.

What’s inside ?

The Inspiration Booster is the ultimate resource for beauty professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and tap into the latest trends!

Divided into 5 sections, here’s what you’ll find inside each Inspiration Booster :

Product Section:

  • Discover innovative brands and products that are taking the industry by storm.
  • Explore new textures, colors, packaging, and formulations that are changing the game.
  • Find key takeaways and insights that you can apply to your own product development and marketing strategies.

Retail Section:

  • Get inspired by new retail concepts that are redefining the shopping experience.
  • Learn about the latest digital transformations and pop-up events that are engaging customers in exciting new ways.
  • Find out how brands are leveraging technology to create immersive, personalized experiences.

Experience Section:

  • Dive into the world of events and experiential marketing.
  • Learn how brands are creating memorable, shareable experiences that connect with consumers.
  • Find out how you can use events to create buzz and build brand loyalty.

Digital Section:

  • Stay on top of the latest digital trends and technologies that are driving the industry forward.
  • Discover new beauty tech devices and innovations that are changing the game.
  • Get inspired by the most creative and successful digital strategies.

Boost Section:

  • Dive deep into a specific trend that’s shaping the industry.
  • Learn how brands are tapping into the trend to drive growth and stay ahead of the competition.
  • Find out how you can apply the trend to your own business strategy and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Each edition is packed with high-quality visuals, detailed analysis, and practical insights that you can use to inform your own business strategy and stay ahead of the curve. So if you’re a beauty professional who wants to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations, the Inspiration Booster is the must-have resource you can’t afford to miss!

What people say

"I was hesitant to invest in yet another industry publication, but the Inspiration Booster is truly worth it. The content is fresh and relevant, and the design is beautiful. I appreciate that it covers everything from products to digital trends to customer experiences. It's truly a one-stop-shop for staying up-to-date."
Stéphanie M.
founder of an indie beauty brand
"The Inspiration Booster is great for anyone working in the beauty industry. It's a well-curated collection of various concepts that are both informative and inspiring. I've discovered a lot of brands and products from these books and I highly recommend it to others."
Laura L.
Marketing director for a french skincare brand
"I'm always on the lookout for new trends and ideas that can help my team to think outside of the box. The Inspiration Booster provides insightful case studies and practical tips. It's become a great source for inspiration. Plus, it's well-organized and easy to read."
Margarita M.
innovation director for a us makeup brand

get inspired and creative

If you want to unleash the beauty innovator in you, stay on top of your game and boost your beauty business, the Inspiration Booster is for you !


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