we specialize in helping your brand reach its full potential and give you insights and strategies to boost creativity, storytelling and experience. Other than the Inspiration Boosters that we create every season, we also offer the following services :


A two-hour workshop in your office for you and your team where we will present you inspiring products and trends from Europe or Asia and give you material to improve your creativity and brand image.

How does it work ?
- We have a first meeting where you tell us about your needs and interests.
- We scout and bring you the latest and most relevant products from Europe/Asia.
- We set up a workshop within your office where we show and explain our findings and what you can take away from them.
We also give you all the products we bring, so you can keep and test them.

Market visits

5 days touring in Tokyo, Seoul, Paris, London or Berlin where we accompany you to see the latest shops, products, pop-up and concepts in those 5 big cities.

How does it work ?
- We have a first meeting to understand your need and help organize the most relevant visits for your brand.
- We first have a briefing and presentation of the planning and itinerary.
- We accompany you on visits and introduce you to relevant actors of the market and potential business partners (we always have someone on the team who speak Japanese, English and French).
- We organize the logistics of the tour : local transportation, food and activities.

Bespoke books

We customize our inspiration book to fit your needs.
- Research on a competitor or potential business partner.
- Insights on a specific market trend.
- Deep dive on an industry or focused subject.

How does it work ?
- We first have meeting where you tell us about your needs and interests and we set up a planning.
- We scout the market on the specific focus you are interested in.
- We deliver your bespoke book.

Digital Creation

Digital creative direction and photoshoots for SNS including ads, storytelling and content creation.

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