why we do what we do


We believe that inspiration is essential to innovate and create. Data and KPIs are great to know what to improve in your strategies, but to build new concepts, ideas and experiences for your customers, you need inspiration. 


My name is Monia MERABET and through my travels, I discover many unique and exciting concepts that can be a great source of inspiration and creativity for many companies and teams. I am passionate about innovation, beauty and design. 

After graduating from Skema Business School I started my career with LVMH, later moving to Asia where I joined the beauty and consulting industry in Tokyo. I helped develop several beauty brands in Japan and I have kept strong ties with the country since my return to Paris. I travel to Asia as much as I can to see and learn about new ideas, products and trends. 

how we work

Based in Paris and Tokyo with a network of freelance trendspotters, we scout new ideas, concepts and trends daily. We build Inspiration Booster books to give insights to our customers on a regular basis. We bring local knowledge and guidelines to help create the best products and brands for each market.


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