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  August 22, 2020

Place to see : Burberry Open Spaces - Shenzhen

Burberry Open Spaces is the brand’s first innovative social retail store that utilises Tencent’s social media programme and WeChat.

The more you engage in-store and online with the brand, the more social currency you will gain. For instance, one easy way to earn the social currency is simply scanning the QR codes on product tags in the store. Each customer also receives a playful digital animal character that evolves the more they interact with the space, with new characters and outfits to discover.

This social currency can be used for various exclusive content and experiences including reservations at the in-house eatery Thomas’s Cafe, named after the founder Thomas Burberry.

Besides dining, the café is can also be used as a community space for activities such as workshops, exhibitions and live performances.

   Monia MERABET

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