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  July 9, 2020

Digital nutrition

Wellness is one of the primary concerns for people in wealthy countries. In our stress-ridden society, it is common to look for ways to feel better and to want to improve our overall well-being.

To take care of our body, we go to the gym or the beauty salon, try new physical therapies and the latest massage techniques. For our mind, we meditate, do retreats and take a more spiritual approach to our everyday struggles.  

In the last decade, yoga classes have been booming in Western countries and going to see a shaman or a reiki healer is something you can talk about openly, without being stigmatized or ostracized. 

Many researches have proven that the stress we try to overcome is partly cause by all that time we spend online, consuming social media or watching stressful news. And while some are preaching digital detox programs as a solution, others offer different options, like digital nutrition. 

Moodrise, an app designed to track and enhance your mood, believes that mood can be changed by digitally nourishing it. How ? with the right content. 

Selecting the outcome you are looking for between Happiness, Calm, Energy, Focus, Gratification, Connexion, Strength and Imagination, the platform will curate a selection of video and audio content for you to watch. 

Each outcome is linked to a biological molecule : serotonin for Hapiness, endorphin for Energy, testosterone for Strength and so on. And the mechanism to increase them digitally is well detailed. 

The company states that « digital nutrition is proactive, and constitutes the underpinning of any approach to comprehensive wellness. »

This innovative approach to wellness takes into account our current environment and the fact that, no matter what, we are a connected generation and we will consume content. But instead of treating stress as something inevitable, it works on its roots to prevent it from growing. 

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   Monia MERABET

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