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  September 13, 2020

Face misting

In the category of beauty products that was not so common a decade ago, we can find mists (or spray lotions). The name gives a modern twist to a gesture that has become part of many women’s beauty routine. Face misting is a real thing and has various purposes. 

It was, and still is, commonly used by makeup artists. They spray a shield or protecting lotion after finishing the makeup on their model to make sur it will be long lasting. It is usually called a setting mist and can also help in mattifying or  give more shine to the skin  

Which brings us to the second usage for mists, aesthetic. The last few years, many makeup look were all about glow, dewiness and shine. What more practical than a mist to bring these to the skin. 

Finally, mists can have a skincare function. They can be used to moisturize the skin during the day and refresh makeup. The lotion is sprayed in such fine drops that it doesn’t run on the skin but instead sits on top of it and can be absorbed when needed without ruining the makeup.

Whatever the reason for using a face mist, this product has become part of our habits and brands are coming up with new interesting products in this category regularly.  

   Monia MERABET

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