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November 9, 2020

Gen z beauty brands

Beauty brands are targeting Gen Z with new products and lines dedicated to them. However they need to take into account a few factors that are non-negotiable for this new generation. They need to make products which are affordable, create a fun, appealing brand image and comply with sustainability and clean standards while targeting young skin’s dilemma. 

On the makeup front, Morphe has introduced a sub-brand called Morphe 2 with the help of TikTok stars and sisters Charli and Dixi D’Amelio. Morphe 2 will be focused on appealing to a younger, Gen Z demographic and “babes who prefer a lighter, low-key look”. The new range introduces solutions for that no-makeup makeup look, especially with a focus on skincare-infused cosmetics. There’s the Hydrating Skin Tint, as well as Jelly Eye Shimmer, eye glosses, sheer lip oils and more in many shades. 

On the skincare front, Florence by Mills, created by actress Millie Bobby Brown, offers products that are clean, easy to use and fun. The brand does not use parabens or sulfates, and is also against testing on animals and animal-derived products. It focuses on ingredient-cleaness but also on another important aspect for young consumers: body-positivity and a positive mindset.

Gen Z wants to see itself in beauty brands they buy but not only in an image, appearance way. Young buyers also want to see their conviction and social beliefs reflected in the products they buy. That is why it is so important for brand to develop products that are aligned with environmental, social and inclusivity concerns. 

   Monia MERABET

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