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  August 24, 2020

Valentine day(s) in China

Valentine day in China is celebrated on February 14th like in the western world but a second more unique date for Chinese couples and lovers is Qixi Festival. It falls on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, so the date on Gregorian calendar changes every year. It’s based on a romantic legend about a weaver girl and an ox herd. This year it will be tomorrow, on August 25

Brands, like Valentino, Dior, Prada or Maison Saint Laurent to name a few, are launching capsule collections dedicated to the event. They either create a product especially for the occasion or they offer a twist on one of their existing items, like a special print or color. Qixi Festival is also a perfect time for collaborations with Chinese celebrities and influencers and the size of the event is growing every year. 

Brands have a third opportunity to be inventive for lovers day on May 20th. This date is called the Internet Valentine day and was born because “520” sounds phonetically very close to “I Love You”, or “Wo Ai Ni” in Chinese. It is more of a commercial festival used by many brands to offer special products and promotions. But it is very appreciated by Chinese young people and the date is also often selected by some for wedding ceremonies.

   Monia MERABET

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