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  July 6, 2020

Wellness first

The wellness industry has been booming over the last few years (the Global Wellness Institute estimating it to be now worth $4.2 trillion). Thanks to consumers’ growing interest for their health and mind, what used to be viewed as hobbies or luxuries, such as having a fitness regimen, taking care of your mental and spiritual balance and looking for ways to improve your diet and energy, are now among the number one concerns of the new generation. 

The market has adjusted very fast to these new preoccupations and a great number of new concepts, products and experiences have been brought to life. Let’s have a look at 6 creative ideas that fit into the wellness oriented world we live in. 


The Well is a members-club that opened last September (2019) in Flatiron, New York, and provides 360 wellness activities like workouts, nutrition plans and a healthy restaurant. The space is designed with luxury in mind, soft pink hues, large rooms and rich materials.  Members pay $375 a month for all of the wellness offerings, including book launches, mindful movement classes and monthly one-on-one health coaching. There’s a team of 10 practitioners creating programs and 50 practitioners in total, including massage therapists, vibrational energy healers, and acupuncturists.
The Well NYC
Because fitness is not only reserved for the body, Inge Theron, founded a facial workout dispensed at her FaceGym studios in London, Manchester and NewYork. The procedure, including a massage ball being rolled on your face and neck, a strong face tissue kneading and the use of micro-electrical current devices, is known to be painful but so efficient that people come back for more. The brand now has its own line of beauty products to further the benefits of the workout once at home.


Major beauty brand Clinique, known for its 3-steps cleaning protocol, launched a range especially dedicated to working out a couple of years ago. It has been adopted by many fitness enthusiasts as the line offers pre-workout as well as post-workout products, making it easy to know when and what to use. Some products are so loved by customers, that they have become part of their everyday routine, workout or no workout. 

Clinique Fit
Taking supplements has become part of many people’s routine but it can be daunting to know which one to take. US company Care/of has simplify the process and offers a tailored monthly subscription. Following a quick quizz you can take on their website, you will receive personalized packs of the right vitamins, protein powders and herbal supplements to enhance you sleep, diet, stress and energy level. 


SuperShe Island is a female-only resort located on the island of Fjärdskär in the Gulf of Finland. The resort has been founded by a German-American entrepreneur Kristina Roth. The resort’s goal is to allow women around the world to live healthy and empowered lives, as well as to function as the headquarters of the global SuperShe community for the prospective and former guests. The activities offered include yoga, meditation, kayaking, and hiking, as well as motivational talks and discussions.
SuperShe Island
Hoshino Resorts launched a year-round “digital detox stay” at five of its HOSHINOYA branded hotels in Japan – Karuizawa, Kyoto, Taketomi Island, Fuji and Tokyo. Guests can experience the nature and local culture of each location while being away from digital devices such as computers or mobile phones. By spending time with oneself, guests can refresh their mind and body and regain a rich sensibility. Activities like star-gazing and fire-handling workshops, or swordsmanship learning from a master who holds a dojo will be available to entertain guests who accept to part with their devices.  
Hoshino Resorts

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   Monia MERABET

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