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  July 31, 2020

5 out of the box supplements 

The supplement market is in constant expansion, by 2024, it is forecasted to double globally from its 2016 value to reach $6.8bn (source: Goldstein Research). If the competition is already strong on the segment, we see companies trying to think out of the box and to innovate. 

Let’s have a look at 5 not so classic supplement brands : 

Lyma claims to be the ultimate supplement. The brand offers one product containing a balance of the best peer-reviewed, patented ingredients. The one pill, taken 4 times a day, will lead to smoother skin, stronger hair, better sleep and reduced anxiety. For €235, you get a starter kit including the LYMA formula sealed in a travel pouch, a handcrafted solid copper vessel, a polishing cloth to maintain your vessel and your LYMA member ID.

Following a quizz to learn about your diet, lifestyle, and health concerns, an algorithm (that incorporates peer-reviewed research, a wide base of traditional medicine, and input from the company’s scientific advisory board), Care/of provides the vitamin and supplement recommendations individually tailored to you, along with ingredient lists, dosages, and unbiased research. 

Lumity is a comprehensive supplement range clinically proven to support healthy ageing and deliver multiple benefits with targeted 24/7 nutrient rich support, that naturally stimulates the body’s defenses that decline as you age repairing, restoring and sustaining youthfulness at a cellular level. 

Sparq created the Vitamin Air®, the first eco-friendly inhalation device, that replaces nicotine and harmful chemicals with Vitamins. The product contains a custom blend of liquefied vitamins, amino acids and botanicals and aims to remove stigma around inhalation habits.  

Nutrinovate Vitamin Films are the result of an innovative technology developed as an alternative and easier way of taking dietary supplementation. The product is created and developed in Sweden to use mainly in the northern climates. The films are affixed to the inside of the cheek or on the palate, allowing rapid absorption through the mucus membrane. The films provide an additional supplement of Vitamin D, resveratrol, selenium and Q10 – without passing through the digestive tract.

If you want to learn more about trends and innovative ideas from around the world, feel free to contact us !

   Monia MERABET

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