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  August 1, 2020

Lipcare on the rise

With the unavoidable increase in mask wearing, our skincare and makeup habits are obviously impacted. In terms of makeup, the search for products to fix makeup is on the rise and there is a decrease in lipstick use. 

However, that doesn’t mean that people will not take care of their lips anymore, on the contrary. They will make sure to have healthy, plump lips so they can wear lipstick when they take their masks off. 

For that reason, lip care is slowly becoming a routine of its own. Same as we would for the face, we can now exfoliate our lips, have a mask for that dedicated area and use serums and oils to give it maximum hydration. 

Even before the pandemic, brands had understood the consumers’ desire to focus-care for their lips. Many products now exist to ensure all the steps of a complete care routine can be fulfilled. Let’s have a look at what’s on the market : 




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   Monia MERABET

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