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5 UAE natural beauty brands

Beauty brands from the Middle East have been on the rise and use local ingredients and rituals to create innovative products. They also are eco-conscious and many of them are vegan or at least opt for natural ingredients as much as they can. Here are 5 beauty brands from the UAE taking a natural approach to skincare : 


Inspired by the UAE’s colorful local heritage, JUVE products are handcrafted in the UAE with the finest natural ingredients. Recipes contain only that which is essential and effective. Juve believes that baths are a ritual and its products will aid you down the path of rejuvenation.


Luxury organic skincare brand created by Dr. Lamees, expert in the science of healing. Shiffa product range combines the worldʼs most potent organic ingredients with advanced skin care science.

Free from chemical and packed with potent botanical extracts, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, there’s everything from serums and cleansers to masks to look after your skin from the inside out.


Inspired by the authentic hammam rituals of the Middle East with a blend of modern luxury. Hammamii is a range of beautiful skincare products created using traditional and all-natural ingredients from the emirates.

 Making the most of the UAE’s favorite four-legged friend, The Camel Soap Factory is just that, crafting hydrating soaps infused with lactic acid-rich camel milk. With blends including olive oil or shea butter, and Arabic fragrances of oud and aromatic woods, they’ve proven to be a must-buy by residents and visitors alike.

   Monia MERABET

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