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September 4, 2020

AI models

HUM AI N is an AI model agency aiming to leverage the power of technology in the fashion industry. JAVA, UNIX and MOSI are the three new faces on the digital modeling scene. Conceptualized by Namesldn and rendered by Rendooo Lab, the models were created to break down diversity, individuality, and inclusivity barriers. They will make their modeling debuts on the virtual and multidimensional platform that promotes a new idea of talent rooted in individuality.

These are not the first AI models around but with the current pandemic, where it is physically difficult to travel and meet for photoshoot, they are an increasingly popular option that will allow brands to continue showcasing their products. 

However, while the first AI models were representations of perfect faces and bodies, based on human most-liked features, HUM AI N’s models follow a new society trend. A trend where people want to see more unpolished, raw and real models. Models that represent the diversity of beauty that the world really is made of. 

   Monia MERABET

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