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Place to see : Allure Store, NYC

Allure is a worldwide renowned women’s magazine focused on beauty and belonging to media group Condé Nast. Product recommendations, tests and reviews are at the heart of the publication and hundreds of experts are regularly called upon to get professional advice. 

To materialize this expertise and bring its audience a new experience, Allure has opened a physical store in NYC, on Lafayette Street. Product selection is of course the main attraction of the place with more than 150 references selected by 300 experts and editors.

Another interesting feature of the place is its tech offer. Allure store includes an exciting array of tools to enhance the shopping experience : augmented-reality virtual try-ons, QR codes to connect customers with relevant product content, and smart mirrors.

And because nowadays retail needs to be about more than just selling products, the store will host events, workshops and master-classes run by the magazine’s editors and pool of experts. 

   Monia MERABET

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