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MakeUp In Los Angeles is the best place to discover new ingredients, products and textures that can be used for makeup of all kind, including one that has been trending for a few years now : makeup for men. This category can be divided into two very distinct, yet very dynamic, markets.

On the one hand, we have companies launching makeup products for men only, including luxury ones like Chanel, with its male skincare and makeup line, The Boy. On the other hand, we see a growing number of brands positioning themselves on the gender fluid segment. However the difference does not only reside in the fact that gender fluid makeup can be used by both men and women. It goes deeper than that. 

Classic makeup for men brands are usually targeting a man who want to enhance its features without anyone seeing visible trace of makeup. Thus the range often consists in hybrid products, between skincare and makeup, like foundations or concealers that can treat the skin while covering blemishes. Brands in this segment use models who are very masculine, in the traditional sense of the term, and aim to make them look fit, fresh and healthy in as natural a way as possible.

Gender fluid make up brands, on the other side, are all about standing out and assuming ones choices. Ranges can go from foundations to lipsticks, eyeshadows and liners, often in bright colors. Makeup is here to be seen and men using these products do it boldly. These brands are very popular among Gen Z individuals who have a very different approach to gender roles (62% of them being in favor of gender role flexibility, according to a Glocalities study).

Male makeup still has a lot of growth potential wether it is for men who want to keep it natural and on the down, or for those who want to use it as freely as women do and have fun with colors and textures. 

   Monia MERABET

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