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  July 25, 2020

Brow lamination

Brows have always played a big part in any beauty looks and they can be very distinctive of an era. We can all remember Edith Piaf and her thin and rounded eyebrows, Elizabeth Taylor’s dark arched brows or Audrey Hepburn’s straight bushy brows.   

Brow trends keep on evolving and the last decade has seen the return of a fuller and stronger brow. Many brands specialized in creating make-up or serums for this part of the face. Anastasia Beverly Hills, founded in 1997, launched with brow products only at first. Nowadays, many other brands focus on brows : Billion Dollar Brows, Bbare, Naturally By, HD Brows or WBC to name a few. 

Since 2019, the major trend that can be observed is brow lamination to get full brows with hairs put up to give the eye a natural lift. It is a method that was first done in beauty salons. It works like a two-step eyebrow perming treatment that involves correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. In the first step, a cream is applied that breaks down bonds in the eyebrow hairs so they can be manipulated into a new position. In the second step, another cream is applied to rebuild these bonds and set the brows in their new uniform position. 

After the success of the salon treatment, a few brands decided to create products to get the same results at home. Indeed, with confinement and sanitary precautions, consumers are looking for ways to care for their eyebrows at home, and they are very much into recreating the lamination look themselves. 

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   Monia MERABET

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