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October 23, 2020

Bulk shopping

Every week, we generate an obscene amount of waste just from food and home product packaging. Because of this, many people are buying in bulk and shopping with zero waste principles in mind. 

While many brands are trying to find alternatives and do their best to reduce packaging waste to a minimum (Lush even created an entire section of packaging-free products), it can be difficult to really get to that zero-waste line. 

For those who truly want to practice zero-waste living the solution is bulk shopping and while such places were hard to find a couple of years ago, they are now more popular and easy to find. 

In Paris you can now choose between various shops, like Day by Day  The Naked Shop, Negozio Leggero or En Vrac to name a few, where you can buy in bulk. You can come shopping with your own containers or buy those available in stores and refill them as and when needed. 

This growing interest in bulk shopping is in line with consumers desire for a more sustainable and environment-friendly world. It is also very appreciated money-wise as the cost of buying in bulk can greatly reduce the price of goods.

   Monia MERABET

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