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Cat loving packaging

Cute packaging is a must in Asian beauty. Whether it is with light, delicate colors and shapes or anime-inspired themes, beauty products have to stand out. The latest trend for beauty packaging is linked to a beloved pet, the cat. The last year has seen an increasing number of products looking like cats or cat’s paw. Lipsticks and makeup brushes are particularly popular in Asia. Here are a few cute ones :  

Catiss Cat Paw Lip Balm

This lip balm from Taiwan comes in a cat paw-shaped tube. The cat toe beans have a realistic texture and they can be squeezed just like a real cat’s paw. It features paw prints on the inside gold tone packaging and has a magnetic closure. Even the lip balm bullet is shaped like a cat’s paw!

Cats Meöw Cat’s Paw Makeup Brush

Cats Meöw is another Taiwanese brand in love with cat paws. Their retractable makeup brush has a 3D shape of a cat’s paw so you can imagine that a cat is helping you put on your makeup.

Paul & Joe beauty Lipstick

Paul & Joe beauty is very popular in Asia thanks to its pretty, floral packaging. The brand also loves cats and use them in prints for packaging but also to shape the bullet of some of their lipsticks.

Han Xin Cat Paw Lipstick 

The lipstick from this Chinese brand comes in a cute case shaped like a cat while the bullet is shaped like a cat’s paw.

   Monia MERABET

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