Mochi skin

Korean skincare trend glass skin has been very popular for a few years now and has also crossed over to the western markets extensively. To achieve the glass skin and its dewy, luminous complexion, a 9-steps routine has to be followed, comprising a great number of products.

Transparent Makeup

If skincare trends are often changing, with new routine and products being launched weekly in Asia, makeup trends tend to be more steady. For instance, the transparent makeup trend was born in South Korea a few years ago and slowly spread to the rest of Asia. Today, many beauty looks are still inspired by that trend.

J-Beauty and color tailoring

Japan is famous for being a country of innovation and quirkiness. In the beauty industry, it is most commonly known for the layering techniques used by women to apply their skincare products and achieve a flawless complexion. Over the years, Korean Beauty has been all the rage, letting us (in the western world) believe that Japan was not at the forefront of cosmetic innovation. 

C-Beauty trend

C-beauty is now a force to be reckoned with and many Chinese beauty brands are becoming a favorite among local consumers. The strength of these brands lies not only in a deep knowledge of the market but also in their capacity to innovate in terms of product, communication and packaging.