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  July 21, 2020

Transparent Makeup

If skincare trends are often changing, with new routine and products being launched weekly in Asia, makeup trends tend to be more steady. For instance, the transparent makeup trend was born in South Korea a few years ago and slowly spread to the rest of Asia. Today, many beauty looks are still inspired by that trend. 

If Korean girls like to try out new products and textures, changing between matte and glossy depending on the season, the overall look is usually always the same. Soft brows, seamless foundation, and stains of colors on the eyes and lips. 

For that reason, a lot of products, with formulas offering a softer finish and that are not too pigmented, can be found on the market. Consumers prefer to be able to build up the color gradually rather than having something very strong from the first application. 

If products tend to offer the same transparent look, we have seen many new makeup products with added skincare benefits. Indeed, consumers are looking to buy makeup that will give them the transparent look they want but that will also care for their skin. The main example is foundations that are also enriched with some hydrating ingredients so that the complexion is perfected but never dry. 

Thus, makeup innovations are usually focused on finding these added care benefits while staying relevant to that main transparent trend that Korean women love.

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   Monia MERABET

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