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Co-shopping is gaining popularity

In an effort to create more social interactions online and to break the feeling of solitude experienced by many during the pandemic and its lockdowns and social distancing measures, a new way of shopping has emerged : co-shopping. 

Already very popular in Asia, the concept offers online shoppers the possibility to get feedbacks on a product, ask for their friends’ input or even have a remote mother and teenager shopping experience.

Big players in fashion and beauty are seeing the benefits of this new consumption habit and have developed dedicated co-shopping experiences of their own. 

Sephora recently launched its Shopping Party space on its website where customers can view recommendations and advice from the brand’s community, or create their own group by inviting their friends through a search among Sephora members or URL sharing.

Co-shopping with a stranger or a friend creates more interactions within a community and is also a great way for brands to gain valuable insights and data on what consumers like or what they think about a product. 

   Monia MERABET

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