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Disruptive period-care

While it was still a taboo subject a decade ago, menstrual products have become vastly represented lately. A new generation of brands is focusing on making period-product not only fashionable but also more eco-conscious. 

Disrupting the market is the reusable period panties. Brands like Thinx, ModiBodi or Moodz to name a few have a large offer of washable and reusable panties to use during periods. They managed to develop products that took into account the esthetic side (with feminine design) as well as the practical side (with technical fibers to deal with leaks and smells) of periods panties. 

Some used and proven techniques also made a big come back in the last years with a more modern approach and design of course. As tampons became a controversial product, being accused of causing allergies and other health issues, many brands have developed organic options and use PBA-free plastic applicator. They also come with subscription plans for brands such as Lola Tampons or Cora Tampons. Cups are also offering a sustainable, easy-to-use, cost-effective and eco-friendly menstrual choice to conventional options. 

Overall brands aim to make the experience of periods more positive, healthy and eco-friendly.

   Monia MERABET

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