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  July 13, 2020

Eco-friendly packaging

Sustainability is a one of the most spoken about engagements in the beauty industry.  It is though after by a rising number of eco-conscious consumers and it is at the heart of many (if not all) brand’s strategy. 

When talking about sustainability, one hot topic is packaging. Brands are taking various actions to ensure their products are packaged in a sensible way. Some opt for recyclable materials, others for refillable containers and a few take the zero-waste route (using ONLY materials which can be reused or composted).    

Let’s have a look at 6 innovative brands in the area : 

Seed is a supplement company offering probiotic strains that deliver benefits to the gastrointestinal system which, in turn, influence systemic health. Each component of the packaging is purposefully made. The glass jar containing the supplements is supposed to be kept and refilled when new product is delivered each month. As for the outer packaging, mycelium (the root structure of mushrooms) is used as a natural glue to binds agricultural waste. It also decomposes naturally in the soil within 30 days.

Each & Every, a brand offers vegan and cruelty-free deodorants, recently introduced primary packaging made from sugarcane-based plastic and a corn-based bioplastic shipping envelope. The first deodorant product to use this new bioplastic packaging is Each & Every’s Lavender & Lemon scent. The recyclable tube is made with a special black colorant that the company says can be detected by infrared scanners for recycling. Each & Every says it has plans to roll out the packaging on its wider product range throughout the year.

In addition to eliminating water from its products and up-cycling organic ingredients from food supplies, every product from LOLI Beauty is packaged in food-grade, glass jars that can be reused for food storage and recyclable boxes with 100% certified compostable labels and bags that deteriorate in 180 days.

The 1st June 2020 marked the second anniversary of the opening of Lush’s first Naked shop in Milan. In a world first, shoppers were able to grab their favorite cosmetics – like hair care, skincare, bath bombs, shower gels and everything in between – completely packaging-free in Lush’s Naked shops in Milan, Berlin and most recently, Manchester.

Ethique is a New Zealand brand offering handcrafted solid shampoos, conditioners, face & body, solid beauty bars. The brand completely shunned plastic packaging for paper, encasing all of its bar products in recyclable paper. The brand also designed the paper packaging to make it as earth friendly as possible. 

In 2018, Āether Beauty launched the first fully recyclable eyeshadow palette with the removal of the eyeshadow pans and elastic. It contains no magnetic strip or mirror either. To continue innovating, this year the brand released the first 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable lip component in the beauty industry. 

If you want to learn more about trends and innovative ideas from around the world, feel free to contact us !

   Monia MERABET

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