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  September 27, 2020

Euphoria makeup trend

Many people may be familiar with the Euphoria beauty trend, which is all about glitter and shimmer eye makeup looks inspired by TV series Euphoria and which you can find all over Instagram, YouTube tutorials and Tikok.

The trend became instantaneously popular when the series first aired in summer 2019. The show’s graphic eye makeup and face jewels served as the inspiration for many designers during the spring 2020 season shortly after the show’s June 2019 premiere, with models sporting rhinestones, graphic eyeliner and neon colors on the runway.

While each character had their own distinct beauty look, the makeup of Maddy Perez — a role played by 25-year-old actress Alexa Demie — was one of the most influential, with Instagram fan pages popping up to pay homage to the character’s use of bright colors, gem stones and glitter.

More than 1 year later, it is still everywhere and TikTok users are celebrating the looks that started it all, with the creation of a Euphoria-inspired makeup challenge.

This trend is very representative of the younger generation’s attitude toward makeup. They want to use bold and extravagant makeup all the while accepting their natural beauty and uniqueness.

   Monia MERABET

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