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  August 3, 2020

Halal beauty

A study from Business Wire outlines the growing demand for Halal cosmetic products among Asian consumers. Especially across Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates where more and more products in the halal cosmetic market space are produced and ingredients are increasingly halal certified. 

More recently, countries like Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates have undertaken important initiatives across regulation, trade, and industry in order to position themselves in the growing halal cosmetics products market, for example, Malaysia established the International halal Accreditation Board.

Halal Cosmetics are beauty products manufactured and composed of ingredients that are compliant with Islam standards. For instance, they do not contain any pork-derived ingredients, alcohol and any other forbidden (haram) ingredients. They must also be water-permeable to conform with religious rites. Indeed, before praying women must clean their body and skin with water and this includes their nails, so nail polishes must be water-permeable.  

If the Halal beauty has been growing in Asia, it is mainly due to young consumers who follow social media and see how fashion and cosmetics can be used while complying with religious rites, such as scarf-wearing. Indeed, there is a great number of modest Muslim influencers in Asia and Middle East and they showcase a more modern way of dressing and playing with make-up. They are colorful, stylish and unique and speak to a huge audience whom, for a long time, did not see their image represented in the beauty industry. 

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   Monia MERABET

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