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  August 4, 2020

Purple Island

Taking beautiful, colorful pictures to post on social networks is done regularly, if not daily, by Millenials and Gen Z alike. But finding unique places to shoot is becoming more difficult as all famous spots on earth have already been photographed by thousands.

In Asia, this trend has led to mass tourism in picture-perfect locations and the development of retail concepts with instagram-friendly designs (think about Gentle Monster stores).

A new place has been created especially for the purpose of picture-taking in South Korea. It is the Purple Island.

Banwol-do, or “half-moon island”, is located in Sinan County and consists of Banwol Island and Parkji Island – two stretches of land connected by a large wooden (purple) bridge. The bridge is not the only purple thing you can photograph there. Literally everything is in purple hues :  roads, houses, flower fields, phone booth, cars, bicycles,…

The place has quickly become a must see destination for Asian influencers and honeymooners.

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   Monia MERABET

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