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Honey skin

Look up the hashtag #꿀피부 on Instagram, and you’ll find over 427K posts of flawless, supple skin, from skin transformations to flat-lays of skincare products. That’s because in Korea “gul pibuu” (aka honey skin) is a way to describe skin that is shiny, healthy, and as supple and glowy as honey. “Honey skin” is the viral Korean slang phrase that has been on everyone’s lips for a few years now because it is the ultimate skin goal you want to achieve.

One of the key product to achieve this look is the facial essence, a lightweight liquid packed with a concentrated blend of hydrating, anti-wrinkle, complexion-enhancing ingredients. In a traditional Korean skincare routine, it is supposed to be applied after a toner removes residue from cleansers and preps the skin for better absorption of the products to come. It’s a popular skincare category in Korea, and is sometimes called the “heart” of K-beauty routine.

Here are a few popular Korean facial essences : 

   Monia MERABET

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