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Dome dining

Following the pandemic and increasing sanitary measures being taken in all lines of business, we have seen transparent domes appear in various places. These domes are a great way to create confined spaces within bigger areas.  

In Singapore, many restaurants have quickly adapted and have created unique experiences using domes. 

The Summerhouse Garden Domes, an immersive dining experience amidst an edible garden, offers a unique atmosphere where you can dine and wine under the stars in the comfort of air-conditioned domes. Each garden dome seats up to eight guests and makes a truly magical space for private dinner parties or a romantic dinner for two.

SEA Aquarium at Sentosa Island held a dining event from 28 August to 31 October 2020. Their immersive Aqua Gastronomy meal experience had guests dining in whimsical domes as they could admire marine life before them in the Open Ocean Habitat viewing gallery.

10 whimsical bubble domes have been lined up in a row on the front lawn of Capitol Singapore, a mall directly connected to the grand Capitol Kempinski Hotel. These domes are free to use, as long as you purchase something from Capitol’s food and beverage outlets first. There is no minimum spending amount required, or restriction on any of the eateries. 

These are great examples of how restrictions due to the pandemic were turned into unique immersive experiences. 

   Monia MERABET

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