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Mask-related products

In 2020, skincare brands had to quickly come up with solutions to deal with the impact of wearing protective masks on our face for hours on end. Many topical products emerged to care for covered facial skin likely to be irritated and ‘maskne’ prone.

Anti-maskne products were specifically developed like Revolution Skincare Maskcare Maskne Calming & Purifying Lower Face Sheet Mask. This innovative mask for the lower facial area is specially designed to repair skin problems caused by wearing sheet masks. It uses fully biodegradable fabric and is fragrance free, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

In other instance, existing acne products were re-marketed as anti-maskne products, like Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Maskne Set that includes a nano-silver mask, a reusable, lightweight and breathable anti-microbial face covering,  anti-pollution drops, a calming serum and a clarifying spot treatment.

Other brands focused on products to shield the face from the mask, like Skin Inc’s Mask Liner made from a “baby-soft”, non-woven fabric. It is to be worn beneath protective masks, ideally over skin that has been treated with Skin Inc’s topical products. It acts as a shield between skin and the coarse material of some protective masks, and helping to soothe/calm skin and prevent maskne.

Future demand for face mask-friendly products will depend on whether the habit of wearing protective face masks continues in the West post COVID-19 – as it has long been the case in some Asian markets.

   Monia MERABET

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