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5 home-care brands

Home-care is more important than ever with the actual context and is now synonym to self-care. So it is no surprise that brands are adapting and developing new products by offering a different take on packaging (to appeal to younger customers), by choosing to partner with wellness brands (to  add a therapeutic touch to everyday home-care chores), or by offering cleaner formulations (to meet demand for eco-conscious and less aggressive alternatives). Here are 5 house-care brands trying to disrupt the market. 

Veles created the first-ever all-purpose household cleaner composed of 97 percent food waste, primarily coming from Google’s office in Manhattan. Through a closed-loop manufacturing process, it uses the most active ingredients (acetic and lactic acids and alcohol) from food that would otherwise end up in landfills.

NBD is a cleaning brand that takes a more natural approach to household chores with mostly plant-based ingredients and more sustainable packaging. The packaging not only appeals to millennials’ sustainability sensibilities, but it also has a visual aesthetic presentation that is perfect for Instagram.

DedCool, a gender-neutral indie fragrance company, extended its offering to home-care with its new Dedtergent which is available in three different scents: Milk, Taunt and Spring. Produced in L.A. and sourced from plant materials.

Grove Collaborative is re-thinking what it means to maintain a clean home with natural products. The subscription-service company offers a multitude of household and personal care products, from multi-surface cleaners to pet stain removers.

The Laundress provides nontoxic laundry and home cleaning products that preserve clothing and deep clean every room. The US company teamed up with wellness brand Aromatherapy Associates to create a range of laundry and household cleaners designed to help consumers approach home-care routines as an extension of self-care.

   Monia MERABET

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