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The evolution of monodose packaging in beauty

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In beauty, packaging is a key success factor. A product can become viral because of its design or ease of use and brands and manufacturers are constantly imagining and creating the star packaging of tomorrow. Let’s have a look at a popular trend we have seen growing in the market : monodose packaging.  

For a long time, single-use formats were mainly developed for sampling purposes. However, in the last few years many brands have incorporated monodose packaging in their product offer. Several reasons are motivating that shift.  


Sustainability is a key concern for all actors of the beauty industry and while single-dose portions of skincare seem to create more and more plastic waste, new materials are being developed to change the game. For one, some brands are now using fully recyclable materials and while it is sometimes difficult to have a product that is 100% recyclable (from packaging to bottle, brand sticker, cap and pump), it is easier to achieve with monodose packaging (like sachet, pods, ampoules or capsules) that are made of a single material. The recycling process is made easier and cleaner. Then, you also have brands designing fully degradable packaging that leaves no waste, like Plus, a US personal care brand, which developed a body wash cleanser packaged in sachet that completely dissolves when in contact with water.  

Hygiene and use

Another point in favor of monodose packaging is resulting from the pandemic.  Antimicrobial was a beauty buzzword in 2020 and consumers are being more careful than before when they use and touch products whether it is in stores, at home or at work. They are looking for safer options to manipulate products and having single-use portions that you can discard once used is considered more hygienic. Plus it delivers the correct amount that needs to be applied so there is less product waste. It can also be carried around easily which makes it convenient for travel.

Consumer behavior

With so many beauty brands on the market it is sometimes difficult for consumers to know what to buy and to want to commit to a single skincare routine on the long run. Moreover, consumer are less loyal to products and brands than they used to be. They want novelties and to try-out the latest products but when they open a full-sized skincare jar or bottle, they either feel the need to finish it before getting another product which leaves them frustrated or they purchase and pill-up opened and unfinished products in their bathroom that leaves them with a feeling of over-consumption. Monodose packaging is thus a great way to let them try-out products before they decide to buy a full-sized bottle if they like it or to experiment something else if they want to.

   Monia MERABET

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