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While many makeup artists (MUA) have launched their own beauty brands in the past, it has become a stronger and more popular trend in recent years. And if it was pretty difficult to establish oneself as a brand for a MUA, it is now greatly eased by social media.

Indeed, building a brand on a name, if not a celebrity, can be very challenging and requires a lot of image and communication work to get to a point where customers will recognized and trust your products. 

With Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms, MUA who were already established in their industry found the opportunity to extend their reach to a wider audience. 

Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury for instance, both started out by giving out makeup advice and tutorials on YouTube before launching their own brands. Both of them have been very successful as they created a strong community of fans before even launching. 

Beauty brands created by such MUA are earning market shares because they have credibility and people trust in the products made by someone who is after all a makeup specialist. But also because they succeeded in building an involved and loyal community. 

   Monia MERABET

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