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5 beauty advent calendars for 2020

Advent calendar are very popular among children and grown-ups alike. If kids prefer to discover a chocolate every morning, adults have the beauty option to go to. Almost every single beauty brand on the (western mainly) market offers an advent calendar. It is usually very interesting money-wise as the price of the content, if bought separately, can sometimes be 5 times the price of the box. If most beauty advent calendar have a similar design, some brands stand out by offering unique concepts. Here are 5 interesting beauty advent calendars for 2020 (sadly most of them are already sold out).

Liberty offers a beautifully packaged advent calendar with one of its famous prints decorating the box. They have a woman and a man version of the calendar which is not so common yet. 


Lush beauty advent calendar features elegant artwork created by London based designer, Sally Kelly. It comes in a sturdy mini trunk that can be re-used once all gifts have been opened. 

When opening the Lancôme advent calendar, you will discover the Eiffel Tower surrounded but cute little houses, each of them filled with a beauty surprise.

Charlotte Tilbury advent calendar comes in a jewel-handled treasure box that can be reused to store your jewelry.

Space NK debuted this concept last year and it was a roaring success. Its adent calendar is divided into four volumes and each volume is divided into chapters which pull out to reveal a beauty treat. Space NK also commissioned Charly Cox to write a collection of poems to really get us in the Christmas spirit.

   Monia MERABET

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