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October 2, 2020

Oral care

Oral care is a growing category in the hygiene sector. Many companies are coming up with new and innovative products. It concerns toothpastes but also mouth washes and tooth brushes. 

One of the main concern in the sector lies in sustainability. Indeed most toothpastes come in plastic tube and these will need to be looked at sooner or later. 

Brands like Lush, Cozie or Georganics for instance have already come up with alternatives on the subject. Lush offer a jelly toothpaste in a recyclable plastic jar (when you return 5 plastic jars, you get a face mask as a reward). Cozie also offers a recyclable option, with a toothpaste in a returnable pump that will be refilled once thoroughly washed. Georganics opted for the solid toothpaste option, with jars of tablets that can be chewed before using your toothbrush. 

The hygiene sector is consuming a lot of plastic given the volume regularly used by all members of a family. That is why brands are searching for more sustainable options and why we see an increase in bulk consumption and packaging-free products (solid shampoo) in this very sector.

   Monia MERABET

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