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September 29, 2020

Quirky stays

While it is difficult to travel in far away places nowadays, people still want to go on vacations and breaks. If discovering foreign countries and culture is sometimes not possible, people can always rely on experimenting quirky stays. 

Indeed, many people are turning away from classic hotels to live a different type of travel experience. They are looking for unusual stays and most of the time it involves being closer to the nature. Staying in a yurt or cottage has become very popular. 

Inspired by Lord of the Ring’s Shire, a domain was created next to a pond within a 25 hectares Morvan Regional Natural Park, in France.

Named Le Domaine de la Pierre Ronde the complex offers quirky cottages, yurts and tents. Cozy underground houses and thatched-roof cottages have rustic carved furniture, chandeliers and rock walls. Yurts and tents feature wood floors and simple furnishings. All have wood-burning stoves. Upgraded quarters add bathtubs and electric heaters.

Here people come to relax, walk in nature and experience a slower more simple life, in line with the ‘Cottagecore’ trend we currently see a lot on social media.

   Monia MERABET

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