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Skin icing

Models and celebrities swear by skin icing and testimonials from some in the TikTok community say that it has changed their skin for the better in just one week.

Skin icing is a beauty technique that consists in rolling ice or facial tools fresh from the freezer over the skin to reduce puffiness and to bring down redness. It’s huge on TikTok, with beauty lovers filming themselves using slippery ice cubes in a bid to make skin glow, or storing their jade roller and gua sha tools in the freezer before using them. Something everyone’s talking about in particular is the Nicole Caroline Luxury Ice Facial Set (see picture below).

The idea behind the trend is that the cold temperature causes blood vessels to constrict. This reduces redness, pain and swelling, and improves the appearance of spots. The gentle massaging action helps to increase lymphatic drainage, further removing excess fluid that causes puffiness. Skin icing is also thought to reduce excess oil production and increase absorption of other skincare products.

The popularity of Skin icing is also due to how easy it is to do do at home. You don’t need any special product or tool and in times of lockdown it is nice to be able to treat yourself to a facial, even if it comes straight from your fridge. 

   Monia MERABET

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