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Wellness travel 

Wellness is a trend taking more space in our lives every year and it transpires to various industries, hospitality being one of them. We don’t travel just to discover new places or visit interesting locations anymore. We now travel to pamper our mind and body and a few businesses offer experiences to help achieve this very goal. 

Eleven Experience™ is an adventure travel company with 13 properties around the globe. At each destination, comfortable lodging and seasonal food are combined with guided outdoor adventures on mountains, in the backcountry, and on the water for guests of all ages and skill levels. 

A specific experience, called Eleven Life, allows guests to take a step back from day to day life and fully focus on their own health and wellness. The concept revolves around an incremental approach to wellness which offers simple, sustainable lifestyle practices that allow to improve ones wellbeing. These practices center around the idea that micro-adjustments in multiple areas of a person’s life will have collective effects in overall health and happiness.

   Monia MERABET

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