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August 26, 2020

App of the week : Whatifi

Whatifi is an interactive storytelling app where users can decide what happens next in the movie – very much like Choose Your Own Adventure books in the 80s.

Viewers can invite up to nine contacts to watch a movie together. When the group comes to a point in the film where they must make a decision, each viewer will be given the option to vote on the outcome they want — but the story will only continue once an unanimous decision has been reached. (A chat room within the app allows viewers to chat about the decision and come to an agreement.)

For now, Whatifi is offering just two films, but the founders say they’re confident that the 80 possible endings between the titles will keep new users busy for a while. Anatomy of a Decision tells the story of Junior from his conception at a fertility clinic through much of his life, but how that life turns out depends on which of the 64 different endings viewers choose. As Dead as it Gets is a supernatural thriller directed by Simon Ellis that is set at an old hotel with 16 different endings.

With the streaming service platforms boom of the last few years, interactive storytelling might be the next evolution to video watching.

   Monia MERABET

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