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August 27, 2020

5 Chinese brands you need to know about

Chinese beauty brands are gaining popularity on the local market as well as in surrounding countries. They are fast paced (launching new products very regularly), offer numerous collaborations (with local brands across industries) and innovate while remaining affordable.

Perfect Diary

Perfect Diary is probably the most famous Chinese beauty brand on the market. It is know for its capsule collections in collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chinese National Geography or Gudetama. The brand was born in 2017 and has become the number 1 beauty brand among T-mall young followers of domestic products in 2019. Within 3 years, Perfect Diary has become the most popular domestic beauty brand in China.  


Focallure beauty is focused on offering cosmetics that are affordable and of high quality. The brand’s motto is « Beauty is not luxury, Love has no borders ». Being born in 2014 and growing on the local market for a few years, the brand has now set its sight on the US market and offers free shipping. Focallure collaborates extensively with US influencers to gain more market shares there. 


Pudaier has ten years history as a cosmetics brand and provides a full spectrum of classic as well as colorful and innovative products. The brand is vegan and cruelty free. It started its expansion outside China a few years ago and offers global shipping from its website. 


Florasis was founded in 2017 and during the Tmall Double 11 festival in 2019, its turnover reached $14.2 million (RMB100 million) within just one hour, making it one of the leading domestic brands to enter the “billion yuan club ». The brand offers makeup products suitable for oriental women’s skin containing natural flower extracts & herbs essences.



Moamis was set up by Chinese influencer Zhang Mofan, also widely known as MOMO. Zhang is known as the Chinese version of Michelle Phan and is perhaps the most commercially successful beauty blogger in China. Though this brand may be a little unfamiliar to most, the brand’s online sales were reported to exceed US$18 million in 2016.

   Monia MERABET

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