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August 19, 2020

App of the week : YourNail

Nail stickers are very popular in Asia as having manicured hands is a must for women. But some of them don’t have the time or finance to go to a beauty salon and get their nails done every week. So nail stickers offer a good alternative. 

In Japan, Uni-que company launched YourNail app that allows to easily create original nail stickers simply by arranging colors, shapes and images. The plus of this app is that stickers can be sized-custom to fit the user’s nails.

This function helps greatly reduce the time and effort required when applying compared to conventional fixed size nail stickers, and also makes the finish more durable.

Price is a good selling point too as it starts at only 345 yen (3 euros). To create more interactivity, the app encourages users to share their design with friends.

   Monia MERABET

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