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  August 18, 2020

Try before you buy

A great way to attract customers to brick and mortar shops is to offer unique experiences. It is even better when you can combine the experience with product testing. This has been done brilliantly by Amsterdam furniture company Fest. 

Fest sells home furniture like sofas, tables and chairs and to make sure customers choose wisely they have come up with a new service.

Here is their offer : 

« How do you test a sofa in-store? Let us guess… you probably sit up straight. You bounce up and down a few times and stay there for five minutes. Tops. If you’re a true daredevil you might take off your shoes to lay down. For a few seconds. 

And how do spend your time on your sofa at home? You probably never sit up straight. Instead, you spend hours bundled up in your favorite corner, watching a movie. 

There’s room for improvement, we think. That’s why we invite you to test your sofa in our mini-cinema at our Amsterdam West store. We’ll set up one of two of your favorite sofas, prepare drinks and snacks and a nice movie. The only thing left to do for you is to chill. » 

You can book a visit on their website and even pick between a short (45mn) or long movie (90mn).

   Monia MERABET

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