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5 Halal beauty brands to know about

The global Halal cosmetics market is expected to account for $100.3 Billion by 2028 according to Data Bridge Market Research. Halal beauty is already a growing trend in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia due to various factors, such as Muslim population increase and bigger reach and engagement from Muslim beauty influencers on social media platforms (more here). As a result more Halal brands are being launched locally. Let’s have a look at 5 Halal beauty brands to know about : 


The company was founded in Malaysia by two siblings, Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim. The name SO.LEK is a play on the Malay term for make-up, alat solek (Malay for make-up); it can also mean “So? Relax! ».

This global Halal cosmetic brand from Malaysia is targeting cool kids and conscious women. They provide affordable high-quality Halal beauty products made in Kuala Lumpur.

Founded by three women, Rosé All Day is an Indonesian beauty brand that creates beauty products that are essentials for an everyday “no-makeup” makeup look. Formulated without parabens, cruelty-free and Halal-certified, the brand’s products keep the focus on enhancing one’s natural beauty without concealing it. 

After a successful venture into scarfs business in Malaysia, founder Vivy Yusof started dUCk cosmetics and her own line of lipsticks, eye palettes and more. All products are 100% halal, cruelty-free and paraben-free!


This company is the first and leading Vegan cosmetics brand in Indonesia. ESQA is also Halal Certified. ESQA offers Halal-certified lipsticks and lip creams enriched with vitamin E,  jojoba and olive oil to ensure a smudge-proof coverage, without drying out the lips. 

   Monia MERABET

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