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Makeup brands foraying into skincare 

Color cosmetics has been impacted by the pandemic more than other beauty segments. Indeed, the need for makeup when staying at home is less important and consumption habits are shifting to a more natural look (less is more and heavy contouring trends are losing momentum). The queen segment in the beauty area is now skincare, and cosmetics brands have sensed the tide rise. 

Even before the pandemic, many very popular makeup brands made the jump to skincare in an attempt to stay in consumers beauty routines (think about Wishful launched by Huda Beauty, Kylie Skin launched by Kylie Cosmetics or Fourth Ray Beauty launched by ColourPop).

However, while consumers are more receptive to new skincare, they also are very smart and educated. They have access to a wealth of information online on ingredients and textures and they are not naive or easily fooled. Therefore, in order to be successful in skincare, brands must have valid reasons for being in the skincare space and have a unique and effective offer. Many have tried and failed.

As the line between makeup and skincare keeps on blurring with more and more hybrid products being launched, brands’ success will depend on their ability to understand and adapt to consumers’ expectation and needs. 

   Monia MERABET

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