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App of the week : Acute Art

Acute Art is an app collaborating with the world’s leading contemporary artists. It is providing access to cutting-edge technologies that allow the artists to translate their creative vision into new digital mediums – including virtual, augmented and mixed realities. 

Acute Art and Dazed Media partnered to launch Unreal City, London’s biggest public festival of AR art, from January 12 to February 9 2021.  

Due to new lockdown restrictions and the popularity of the exhibition in London and across the UK, Acute Art and Dazed Media will make these site-specific artworks available for audiences all around the world to discover from the safety of their homes via the free Acute Art app.

Curate your own exhibition at home by placing works by KAWSNina Chanel AbneyOlafur EliassonCao FeiTomás Saraceno and more.

   Monia MERABET

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