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September 10, 2020

5 Solid and sustainable shampoos

Solid or bar shampoos have been around for some time but they are becoming more popular thanks to their sustainable and environment friendly aspects. Indeed they require no plastic and are totally degradable. Brands offer various option in terms of ingredients, benefits and smell but also design. Let’s have a look at 5 bars out there. 

The Lather Box, a zero-plastic vegan toiletry subscription company, delivers body and hair bars in a fully recyclable packaging to your door. All the items are made using plant based oils, shea butter, essential oils, herbs, flowers and spices. 

Odacité’s 522M Soap Free Shampoo Bar is named 522 after the number of million plastic shampoo bottles destined for landfill each year. It is made of coconut oil, cupuaçu butter, argan and castor oils that prevents moisture loss. With its ‘soapless’ ingredient list, one bar works for all hair types – from fine to frizzy and thick to chemically treated – and lasts for 60-80 washes

Savon Stories is an organic skincare atelier based in London. Born out of a century’s family farming heritage, they formulate remedies to cleanse, treat and nourish the skin, using only raw organic & food grade botanical ingredients. The brand has several solid shampoos for different hair types and the packaging is very pleasing too.  

Foamie developed a functional solid shampoo, one you cannot easily lose in the shower. It has an ergonomic shape to make it easy to use on the scalp and a string to hang it cleanly once used. It is of course plastic-free but also ph-balanced, soap-free and vegan.

Another unique-shaped solid shampoo has been developed by HiBar. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, sulfates or paraben and also not tested on animals. All bars are formulated by hair care professionals.

   Monia MERABET

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