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  August 10, 2020

Aesthetic food

In Japan, food has to be as good as it is aesthetically pleasing. That is also true for fast food. You can find countless restaurants and cafés where dishes are elaborated with looks in mind first. The latest food trend in Japan, and already conquering over Asia, are donuts.

However, while in the USA and Europe, donuts are just classic desserts with a few different icings and flavors, in Japan, a Café has turned donuts into art pieces. 

The Gmgm Café creates donuts decorated with dried flowers and have an Instagram (@gmgm.koenji) that makes you want to taste one even if you are not into sweets. For summer, it also launched a “cool” donut, which is made of transparent jelly topped with dried flowers. 

The success of such places in Japan is huge, as people still love to photograph what they eat to post on social media.

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   Monia MERABET

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