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  August 9, 2020

Make-up trend : Faux freckles

Faux freckles have been around for a few years now but it has been revived early this year by social networks. Indeed Instagram and TikTok are great go-to places for beauty inspiration and trends. 

Two faux freckle hacks went viral on these networks : Henna Freckles and Fake Tan Freckles. You can find many videos on Instagram or TikTok showing tutorials and results of using Henna to create fake freckles and also many how-to videos to learn using sun-tanning lotion to get freckles.

While these videos are all about hijacking a product from its original usage to make it work for this trend, brands have also come up with products especially dedicated to faux freckles – pencil, tint and even patches ! 

If you want to learn more about trends and innovative ideas from around the world, feel free to contact us !

   Monia MERABET

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