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Coffee shops in Asia

Coffee love in Asia is on the rise even though, historically, population tended to preferably drink tea. Indeed, in the last few years we have observed a growth in coffee shops around Asia and a keen interest for barista brews and blends.  

Coffee shops in Asia bring together a sense of style, with elaborated store design, and curiosity, with unique blends offered and they also are social hangouts as well as an integral part of the local food culture.

Basic Coffee is a Beijing-based chain but don’t let the name of this place fool you. There is nothing basic about the coffees here. The company boasts some of the best brews in Beijing and they even have over 100 different kinds of coffee beans ready to be roasted at a moments notice here. For cold-caffeine fans, they offer their hipster and innovative Cold Coffee that is blasted with nitrogen.

At Gacha Gacha Coffee in Tokyo, customers that enter the café space located in the observation deck of Roppongi Hills, are first greeted by the orderly lined machines. They have to use these machines, typically made for buying toys, to buy a capsule that contains coffee beans for one cup of coffee. Not only do the customers have a variety of choices to choose from, some machines contain a mix of a variety of beans, and some even have rare “secret” beans, which adds to the small excitement for the opportunity to encounter an unknown flavor. Next, the customers themselves put the beans that they purchased into the grinder, then the ground beans fall into the dripper, and lastly, after setting the dripper and the cup on the extractor and pressing the button, the coffee is finally served.

The Coffee Academics is an award-winning and dynamic specialty coffee concept from Hong Kong. It is pioneering a new wave of coffee concepts – where boundaries are pushed, blends are perfected and beans are brought to flavorful life, all within the most stylish and social of café backdrops. Sourcing world-class coffee beans with a score of 92 to 94 points by the World Coffee Review – a “Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate” of the coffee world – their beans have achieved the distinct honor of being ranked highest in Asia and top three in the world.

   Monia MERABET

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