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October 14, 2020

Cream Skin

When it comes to skincare trends, South Korea is the place to look at. We all know about Glass skin trend, consisting of a 10-steps routine to achieve a pore-less, luminous, and translucent skin. But have you heard about Cream skin ? This skincare trend is all about getting a hydrated, milky skin with ease.

More than just a routine of various products to apply, it is about using a new type of products that has hit the k-beauty market. According to Mark Choo, research director of Korea’s biggest beauty conglomerate, Amorepacific : « by combining the two most important and fundamental hydration steps – the toner and the moisturizer – you get a product that offers the hydration of a toner and the moisture of a cream in a very light, refreshing texture that can be easily fit into anyone’s routine, regardless of skin type. »

So Cream skin is about using this type of toner-moisturizer hybrid products. The category was first initiated in 2018, when Amorepacific, launched a product by the same name under one of its brands, Laneige. Since then, many brands have followed along and many Cream skin products were developed and launched.

In a world where people are gravitating toward more minimal skin-care routines, and a bigger, more general want to buy less stuff, it only makes sense that cream toners are beginning to pick up momentum — especially when they result in healthy, illuminated skin. 

   Monia MERABET

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