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  August 16, 2020

Skincare trend : Face workout

When it comes to facials and skincare treatments, new procedures appear very regularly. Depending on the newest it ingredient or technique, you can find countless ways to treat your skin in spas and beauty parlors. 

A new trend that has been growing on the market recently is the facial exercise treatment. It is different to a regular treatment in the sense that the products used are not the only factors here. They help of course but the technique used is the real star. 

Face exercise has been around since the 80s and you can still find footages online of women making odd grimaces to tone their face muscles. This facial gymnastic was usually done at home and preferably alone. 

In the last few years, innovative studios have brought back this technique giving it a more modern, trendy twist. You are not asked to contort your face but instead a beautician works on it like she would on your body, giving your skin a tough workout. 

The most popular company on this market is FaceGym and they offer a 30-minute signature workout for the face, consisting of a warm up, cardio, sculpt and cool down, performed by trainers in the studio enhanced with powerful non-invasive machines to lift, sculpt and tone your facial muscles. The success was so big that the London-based company already opened several studios in the US.  

In France, Seasonly, started with a customizable skincare oil and later opened a studio where they offer a Gym Skincare treatment promising to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The technique also uses powerful lifting and sculpting of the skin performed by a beautician. It is very appreciated as you can see how fast and instantaneous the results are.

The reason behind the keen interest in these new treatments is that it gives an alternative to injections and invasive procedures. Indeed, women are coming back to a more natural approach of beauty and are looking for ways to care for their skin that are less chemical.

   Monia MERABET

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